SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY : boon or bane ?

     Science and technology are part of our everyday living.
According to Webster, science is a knowledge gained by systematic experimentation and analysis, and the formulation of general principles while technology is the application of the mechanical and applied sciences to industrial use.
     Based on the definitions, will there be technology without science? The answer is NO! Application of the information gathered came about to one's imagination to help man. This application is known as technology. In short technology is science out to practical use.
     One good example of this is the computer. It can be used everywhere-offices,libraries,schools and banks. Especially for me as a student because sometimes I do have assignments that need researches. Another is the washing machine which helps us in washing our clothes. Instead of using our own hands we just let the machine worked on it. Also the medicines which aids our illnesses and we need it anytime and anywhere because our health is our wealth.Technology has made it possible to shorten certain processes. As a result, life has been made more easy by devices borne out of technology. Therefore they both make our work a lot easier,lighter and faster.
      These things are just only a dot to all the inventions,discoveries and innovations made by our fellow Filipino and even foreign people.Truly, technological breakthroughs no doubt have a remarkable impact on modern living.
       While technology has been instrumental in the advancement of the quality of life, it has likewise brought along with it a number of problems. For instance, the gasoline used to run engines pollutes the environment. Like the vehicles who burst black smokes. Appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners that give off chemicals that contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer which results to global warming that we're suffering nowadays. Atomic bombs as history tells us have destroyed life on earth.
                  Admittedly, technology is partly to blame for the world's most complicated problems. This is why it is necessary to have a deeper understanding of how science and technology work to guide us in making responsible decisions.


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